Ferienwohnung Katharina Helgoland


Welcome to Heligoland, welkoam iip Lunn,


have you ever heart of Heligoland - a small German red rock island with a separate white beach dune within the North Sea, 60 km far away from the European mainland ?


Sure, on this island it is not allowed to drive any motorcars and even bikes are forbidden, but we promise, here you will find beautiful uncrowded beaches, a lot of different and unusual seabirds and you can watch hundreds of seals in free nature. So believe us, you won't miss any vehicles but you will find in Heligoland an ideal place to spend stress-free and relaxing holidays because everything can be reached within a short walk.


On the top of the this rock we are able to offer an comfortable 50qm / double room apartment witch is rentable for the hole year. It has a separate kitchen and a suitable bathroom, full equipment for four persons and families are more than welcome. Can you imagine, only a few steps and you have a breathtaking view over the endless seeming sea or to the nice harbour area with the typical small colourful wooden fisherman houses?


So are you ready for this special island? Than  come to Heligoland - you will love it! 


If you have any further questions, for example: "How can I reach Heligoland" please don't hesitate to contact us in English too.